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Exports - How to export in Nigeria

Are you an intending Nigerian exporter or a regular exporting unit? well… with exports, you can count on us at clearcargonigeria. We’d be glad to be at your service.

Nigerian government through Nigerian Export Promotion Council is increasingly encouraging Nigerian industrialists, business men and women, and agriculturalists to export more non-oil products so as to grow our export index, create jobs, and in the long run stabilize Nigeria’s economy. However, finding a licensed clearing agent in Nigeria and in Lagos will do justice to that effect.

Nigerian government recently announced that emphasis will be laid more on agro-allied products. This is commendable because it means the costs of exporting farm produce and other related products from Nigeria will be slashed, thereby increasing her non-oil revenues. From statistics, the non-oil products Nigeria exports most are cocoa, palm oil, cassava, rubber, wool, cotton, wood logs (Iroko and Mahogany) groundnut oil, cashew, garlic, etc.

The conditions or requirements for exports of goods to foreign countries from Nigeria depend largely on the products in question.

Basic Requirements Needed to Export Goods To Foreign Countries from Nigeria:
A completed Form NXP issued by Nigerian Custom Service
A pro forma invoice. An invoice sent by the seller/vendor to a buyer in advance of shipment or delivery of goods. It contains information such as transportation charges and quantity of goods with their values.

Sales agreement and NEPC Registration Certificate (where applicable)
Relevant certificate of quantity as issued by relevant agencies
Shipping documents like bill of exit, bill of landing, etc.

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